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New leaf-curling orb-weaving spider genus Leviana

We describe the new Australian orb-weaving spider genus Leviana gen. nov. It includes five species, all known from both sexes: Levianadimidiata (L. Koch, 1871) comb. nov. (type species) (= Epeirasylvicola Rainbow, 1897 syn. nov.), L.cincinnatasp. nov., L.foliumsp. nov., L.minimasp. nov. and L.mulieraria (Keyserling, 1887) comb. nov. Male pedipalp morphology, specifically the presence of a single patella spine and the median apophysis forming an arch over the radix, place Leviana gen. nov. in the informal Australian ‘backobourkiine’ clade, but with some morphological differences to other Backobourkinae. In addition, unlike any other backobourkiine, Leviana gen. nov. incorporate a rolled leaf as retreat into the periphery of their web.


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